STD Facts & Statisitics


STD Facts & Information

There are 5 main category types of STD, namely fungal, bacterial, viral, parasites and protozoal.

  • Fungal STDs causes jock itch and yeast infections.
  • Bacterial STDs causes chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.
  • Viral STDs causes hepatitis B & C, herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS.
  • Parasites STDs causes crabs and scabies.
  • Protozoal STDs causes trichomoniasis.

Out of the 5 categories of sexually transmitted diseases, fungal, bacterial, parasites and protozoal infections can be treated and most of the time cured with antibiotic therapy. The only exception is viral STDs like HIV, HPV, herpes and hepatitis which have no cure at the moment, but their symptoms can be controlled through treatment.

STD Facts & Statistics Around The World

  • It only takes one unsafe sexual contact to get STD.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases are common among young individuals under the age of 25.
  • Nearly 333 million new cases of treatable STDs are diagnosed globally each year.
  • 80% of the people infected with Hepatitis C will develop a chronic infection.

STD Facts & Statistics In The United States

  • Roughly 19 million people are infected with an STD annually but only half are aware of it.
  • Of the people who are newly diagnosed with an STD, one in four is a teenager.
  • One out of four teenage high school girls has an STD.STD Facts
  • Two out of three women who contracted HIV/AIDS are African American.
  • During their lifetime one in four people will contract an sexually transmitted disease.
  • One in 10 teenagers report knowing someone that is infected with the HIV virus.
  • Nearly 65 million Americans live with an incurable STD.
  • About 45 million Americans are infected with herpes.
  • An estimated 35 percent of people who have herpes are unaware they have the disease.
  • In America roughly 468,578 people are living with HIV/AIDS.
  • An estimated 4 million people are diagnosed with chlamydia each year.
  • Nearly 75 percent of women who have chlamydia don’t know they are infected.
  • About 5 million new cases of  Human Papilloma virus (HPV) are reported each year.
  • An estimated 85 percent of the population will be infected with HPV in their lifetime.
  • STDs cost the US health care system $16 billion dollars annually.

STD Fact: Many STDs Do Not Show Symptoms. Protect Yourself. Get Tested. Be Sure!